Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fall into Fun!

I cannot believe I haven't written since July! I'm sorry! I think I haven't written because I haven't been able to post new messages from my phone. I'm definitely going to do better. The good news is that because I haven't posted. I have ALOT to say. So let me get down to business...

The last post I wrote was about my crush. Well I don't know if I still have that same school girl crush. I mainly decided that crushes, while fun for a little bit, have actually been my downfall in life. I have been getting school girl crushes since middle school and none of them, I repeat NONE, have turned into anything substantive. This is usually because the guy doesn't ever end up being anything more than a friend. Now that used to make me feel something was wrong with me. Now that I'm older I think that it might have to do with the fact that guys like to chase and if I am putting forth effort, when he doesn' never seems to work out for me. I could be wrong but I said all of that to say the crush is on HOLD. And seriously on hold at that, in fact I'm almost willing to say its dropped until further notice. This is also because I was told that I overlook guys I put in the "friend zone" which is an idea I am still trying to figure out.

I have also had the opportunity, because I'm flirty and 30, to go on dates with new people! I cannot believe how being open has provided me with the opportunity to have so much fun and get funny stories to go with it! As always, to protect the innocent, I will not give out names or addresses. LOL! I will however provide enough detail for narrative purposes. So guy 1, let's call him play wright, occurred a while ago. I was volunteering at my church back to school event when this guy, who I kind of felt I had seen before, came up to me and introduced himself. He also gave me a flyer for his play. When he shook my hand he said wow you have a beautiful smile. Then he said, how are you going to look 12 with grey hair? (He also touched my hair..smh) I felt that was rude, but whatever. He then asked how old I was. I told him 30. I ignored most of his ridiculous banter because I was volunteering as I said. He continues to talk briefly and goes away. Around 10 minutes later play wright returns and picks up my left hand to look for a wedding ring. He wanted to know if I was married and how old I was so he would know if it was ok to flirt with me. I proceed to tell him I wasn't married and that I was 30. So he asked me to go to lunch with him, I said no. So he told me to call him and use the number on his flyer, he added that he didn't like rejection.  While all of this seems ridiculous, I texted him because I felt I needed material for my blog. And boy, did I get it. About 5 days later he calls me at 9:50 to say hello. I talk to him for 10 minutes and schedule a more suitable talk time. He never calls that day. A week later, he sends a text message after calling at a late hour, asking why I didn't call him. Which makes no sense because he scheduled a talk time with me. So eventually we schedule another talk time and he calls 2 hours later than he stated. We talk and I find out basic, and I do mean basic info on himself. To make a long and interesting story short, I eventually meet the guy at a starbucks where I  found out he was 35, divorced and had 3 kids. Now none of these things are a problem in and of themselves, except he made alot of statements that were.

Problem #1- He has issues with darker skinned women
While I might not be darker skinned per se, and don't fight me on that we all know I believe I am brown. This man proceeded to tell me that His grandfather told him that darker skinned women were only good to have sex with and that women my color or lighter are wife material.

Problem #2- He cheated on his ex wife and admitted he used to fornicate ALOT.
Now I used his words not mine, but he did tell me the reason for his divorce from his wife of 10 years. He cheated and he said he confessed to her. However, when I asked if his wife was darker skinned he said yes, and I asked well do you think that's why you cheated? He said, hmm maybe that is why maybe I was rebelling...smh. If you are confused please read problem #1.

Problem #3- He called me his fiance at church in front of other people.
I tried to ignore him reciting poetry to  me at starbucks and him getting down on one knee "to practice" for later when we got up to leave at starbucks. I mean I really ignored that and tried to believe he was just "dramatic" but when he felt need to call me his fiance...I was done for real. I was walking out of church after seeing him the day before briefly at starbucks, and its obvious he wants to say hello. I see him with two of his kids and felt I should speak and move on. But he decided to try to stop me puts his arm around me and introduces me as his fiance to one of the door greeters. She smiles and says hello. I say with a messed up look on my face no ma'am I'm not. Mind you his children are standing there looking confused because they have no idea who I am. DONE...I was done. He called me later that day and I told him that I was going to have to observe him from afar. Smh....

In other news. I have been on SEVERAL dates with someone else. I won't provide details on that. I will just keep you all waiting for a new blog post but this looks very promising. ;-) And no matter what, I'm having a GREAT TIME!!!

Single Girl


  1. Love this!!! And interestingly so, I recently a "play wright" who sounds just like this character, lol! And similar to you, I hit him with the #PAUSE!

    Looking forward to the next post! =)

  2. Oh Courtney! You meet him handing out a flyer for his play, yeah sounds like he enjoys being dramatic,lol. I actually caught myself gasp out loud when I read that part. I hope you didn't forget to rebuked his claiming you as his fiance. Can't wait to hear the dating update. Oh and btw, since you are dating for the blog, don't decline anymore dates,like you did w/ playwright initially, take it for the blog;).

  3. Wow! I'm so glad to hear that you are dating and having fun doing it! Play wright sounds like he is quite the character!! Plus, he sounds like he doesn't know how to "act right!!" LOL

    Well, I wish you much success on your next adventure with the new guy! ;) I'm excited about your Flirty 30 Single Life! :) I, too, am looking forward to the next post! :)

  4. Erika-I'm glad you put your playwright on need to deal with drama! LOL!Thanks so much for reading!

    Stepping on 40- I did rebuke being his fiance and I'm definitely taking dates so I can have more material...LOL!

    Libra Lady- Playwright doesn't know anything about acting right at all. I'll just pray for him.

    Thanks for reading everyone, and I'll have more updates soon! :-)