Friday, May 13, 2011

Work and Relationships

Long time no write. I haven't really written because I've been very busy with work. And because I don't think there is anything new to report. Because I'm working so much I don't have time to think about anything except work and where God wants me to be. Things should be slowing down for me very soon and maybe I'll think about it. Likely, I won't.

I realized that work can come in the way of relationships if you let it. Maybe that's why some people want to find someone to date at work. If you read my post on dating someone at work I'm sure you will see that I disagree with that option. I guess part of being 30 is wanting to be established. And I am trying to make sure I understand where I am supposed to be in life. I recently decided that a "friend," and I use that term because we never defined ourselves as more than that, needed to remain just a "friend." And while I think that at this time my decision was correct, I did kind of wonder...was that a mistake?

It would be very easy for me to fall into my past routine of thinking that something is wrong with me for being single, but I refuse to do that. I am well aware that from past experiences, read my posts on ex-boyfriends and settling, that I no longer want to live that way. Part of really living a full single life is accepting periods where you may not be dating someone or going on dates. And to be quite honest, I'm really ok with that. I am happy that I can begin to focus on my future and realize that the more wonderful I feel about myself and my life, I am in some way drawing all sorts of wonderful things into it. And someday that will include love.


  1. I think every ambitious woman thinks about this at some time..So good post :)...Funny thing is..even though Im at a road where he is rushed to put on a ring..I keep telling him I need time to settle in my I guess Im at the crossroads myself :)

  2. I think a hefty workload can get in the way of all kinds of relationships. I've let friendships dwindle, lost touch with relatives all in the name of keeping my inbox clear. Here's to finding that balance that seems to elude so many working women - single and married alike.

  3. I wish work was keeping me too busy to date but that's not the case. I find myself making up new projects and things to do to distract myself from my nonexistent dating life. I don't want to get too distracted that I don't have time to date but I feel since dating isn't working right now then I should be focusing on my career. I know keeping that balance is difficult. I recently went speed dating, I guess that goes to show no one has time anymore; 8 dates in 2 hours.

  4. Thanks for all of the comments.

    For the first comment- I understand being at a crossroads. My decision really wasn't only about my career it was based on a number of things but I know many people who are focused on their career and find that works for them.

    LivLrnTch- You make such a good point. Single and married women both deal with this issue. In different ways but the results of guilt that come from "wanting it all" are the same.

    DatelessInSeattle- I think that concentrating on your career or more importantly self is one of the best exercises we can do for ourselves. I'm learning however that even in that we need balance. I should go to a speed dating event this friday. You dress based on your availability. Red means your taken, yellow means you are in between or something, and green means you are ready to go and fully single...hopefully no one takes advantage. LOL!