Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Fling!

While that's the title of the blog...I do not have a spring fling. But, I do have a question for the readers out there. What did you think of the publicized article by Tracy McMillan?

Here is the link if you need it:

I thought the article was hilarious. But more importantly it touched on some really important truths that I think have to be dealt with. Many women are confused into thinking that they can place numerous demands on a man that they feel they "deserve" when often we don't want to face the fact that we may not be living up to being the best version of ourself. And when I say best version please don't think I am only referring to cooking, cleaning, or being a "perfect" housewife and mother. I am referring to qualities like knowing how to support a man emotionally and being a good friend. Intangible qualities, that mean you are suitable to supporting a lifelong partnership.

In Hill Harper's book the conversation he says many women are funny and fantastic with friends but dull on dates. They change their persona when dating men, usually due to baggage or fear. Maybe you are already working on you , or maybe you feel you have it all together and the men are the ones messed up. I don't know but I would like to hear what you think...


  1. I think it is the truth...I was in a couple of those categories before I started dating someone seriously. When I tell my boyfriend stories about men I previously dated, he once told me...well, a man is only going to treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated. It's so true and these men are able to decide not to commit because we as women allow it!

  2. I agree Dreamchaser. Men treat us the way we treat ourselves. That is why low self esteem is so self destructive. If we as women want better we should try to see ourselves as the person God created them to us and then expect to be treated well.